Cédric Capron

Cédric Capron interior design and architecture agency in Nice

With a career spanning nineteen years, Cédric Capron, Master Craftsman in plastering, painting, and decoration, epitomizes excellence in the realm of luxury and decoration. His renown rests on a profound technical expertise in construction, rendering him an essential and sought-after figure in the realms of design and interior architecture.

With a diversified background, Cédric embarked on his journey as a plasterer and painter, accumulating a solid technical experience along the way. His professional voyage has taken him across the globe, notably to Asia and California, where he worked for celebrities and expanded his network, leading to collaborations with industry titans.

His impressive portfolio includes prestigious and confidential projects. Cédric Capron is renowned for his uncompromising standards and his love for working according to the French tradition of craftsmanship. His self-taught and rigorous approach, combined with training as a « Compagnon du Devoir » through independent candidacy, reflects his commitment to excellence and lifelong learning.

By creating his architecture and interior design agency, Cédric realizes a long-held dream. Established since February 2022 on Rue Chauvain in the heart of Nice, Cédric fosters a familial and convivial atmosphere within his agency. He embodies essential values, emphasizing a love for craftsmanship and French know-how. The transmission of knowledge occupies a fundamental place in his priorities, demonstrating his dedication to professional development and his commitment to the sustainability of artisanal trades at the core of the architecture and decoration industry.

Architect partner of Giraudi Group

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